Welcome to Rambling Beauty. You will be dazzled with my literate abilities. My purpose in the world (in addition to being a sexy vixen that teases boys) is to amaze others. I tell it like it is from the perspective of a sassy and sexy woman.

I don't hold back and my honesty and blunt thoughts are obvious from the start. I never sugar-coat anything. I am so frank, that I could practically be a dominatrix. But I'm not. I respect everyone's fetishes especially the dominatrix outfits but that's not really my thing. I really do admire the look of clingy latex or leather clothing but I am too prissy for that.

I prefer the Paris Hilton style. I like classy sluttiness. I hate the look of a desperate slut but I love the look of an elegant slut. I am not a porn star although I have made a few homemade sex movies, but they are not for public release.

I love Playboy Lingerie and the entire line. They even have pet clothes, How sexy is that! It's world's most recognized and most loved lingerie store for a reason. They make every woman feel like a goddess. Even their accessories are sexy. Like key chains and lighters and what-nots. I think that they are great conversation starters. I love them so much you would think that I work for dear old Hef. maybe I do, but I will never tell!

I think that the web is so great, you don't even need to leave your house. I love internet dating. It is the greatest invention for the busy career person. I don't need to ramble about the positives of internet dating, I'm sure you can think of them yourselves - I can sum it up in 3 words: Bar quality men. That is why internet dating is so great. I also love writing about things since I am a graduate in the sexy arts.

Another reason I write my posts is because my thoughts are interesting and should be shared with the world. My mostly erotic writing will make you think and convince you to be fun and fearless like me. If you are bored, I will make you think, I you are unhappy, I will make you laugh. Let me make your orgasms a little bit better. I am like the dominatrix of your mind. There ya go.

What do you want today? Do you want to arouse your body, mind or soul?
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